Shooting victim Fuller allegedly threatens Tucson Tea Party co-founder, aplogizes

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A co-founder of the Tucson Tea Party was allegedly threatened by one of the shooting victims at a town hall event.

Trent Humphries was at a town hall event with other dignatires, first responders and survivors of the Tucson shooting.

They were taping a TV special, when shooting victim James Fuller, allegedly threatened Humphries.

"I was making the point that sometimes we're really quick to jump on political angles and maybe we need to slow down and look at the victims first and then have a discussion about the politics a little bit later. and then he arose from his seat, took a picture of me, and then said, 'you're dead,'" said Humphries.

Fuller is at a mental health facility for an evaluation. Deputies searched his home sunday night.

Monday he apologized through his girlfriend for the outrage.  She says he was still coming to terms with being shot in the back and leg, and lost his temper.