Dogs rescued from animal hoarder getting second chance

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Some four-legged friends are getting a second chance thanks to a Valley woman's organization that is determined to give them the life they deserve.

“Once I read their story, I thought there is no way I can't take them,” Carrie Singer said.

Singer, founder of the Animal Guardian Network, is talking about her new furry friends; Tuli, Kieko and Suki.
“They were all in cages,” Singer said. “One stacked on the other and according to neighbors, they would go days without being fed or any water.”

The Shiba Inus are three of 30 dogs along with three cats rescued from a home in Durango near Seventh Street and Interstate 17 back in November. The Arizona Humane Society was called out after a neighbor saw one of the dogs digging through trash for food.

“I feel it's a blessing to help one or a 100,” Singer said. “And that’s because every life is important.”

Singer took the dogs in more than two weeks ago. At the Animal Guardian Network they will be nursed back to health before going up for adoption.
“All three of them have tons of fractured bones, old fractures,” Singer said. “They have fractured teeth and all of them have ear and eye problems. The ear problems stem from filthy conditions and no medical care.”

Tuli, Keiko and Suki are getting put back on a healthy track thanks to some Valley veterinarians donating their services.

“We call them the rehab suites, not kennels, rehab suites, especially after they have surgery,” Singer said. “We have to limit acting and interacting with other dogs.”

Besides getting medical care, it's also very important that they get a lot of tender loving care.  

“The basic thing like getting them into a routine, getting them know their safe and know they don't have to worry breakfast is coming and dinner is coming,” Singer said. “Most of what they want second to food, just love. They want you to pet them and hold them.”

While it may take months before the Shibas will be ready to head to a new home, Singer said this is an important lesson that the situation these dogs were found in shouldn't happen again.

“You have to speak for those who can't speak,” Singer said.

If you would like to help these dogs from donations to volunteering, please log onto or call 480-488-9298.