Giffords aide released from hospital recounts shootings

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Another aide of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords injured in the mass shooting was released from the hospital.

Pamela Simon was shot in the chest during Saturday’s attack. She says, “When I woke up from surgery the doctor said, ‘you are one lucky lady’.”

The bullet traveled to Simon’s hip, where it remains. She was released from the hospital Thursday and spent Friday morning with fellow Giffords staffers at the Congresswoman’s office.

Simon says the shooting took only a matter of seconds. “His back was to me. I saw the Congresswoman go down. I saw Ron go down and then I think I must have been one of the next people hit because from that point on, I was laying on the ground.”

Simon and Giffords’ colleague, Ron Barber, was released from the Intensive Care Unit Thursday and released from the hospital today.