Alleged bullying prompts parents pull kids from parochial school

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PHOENIX – A Christian school that promotes respect among its students is reportedly experiencing problems with bullying.

The parents of two students have pulled their kids out of Christ Lutheran School this week.

It is not unusual for bullying to be a problem at an elementary school but, according to the parents of one of the bullied kids, it is unusual for school administrators to be unresponsive to parental concerns.

A parent, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, says, “Very mild bullying about two years ago but things really got bad about nine months ago.”

She pulled her son out of Christ Lutheran School this week after she says the bullying reached a crescendo.  Her son is a 6th grader and attended Christ Lutheran since kindergarten but she says the bullying became too much for him to endure.

In a strongly-worded letter to the school, the boy’s father accuses administrators of turning a “blind eye” to the problem. He called their response ignorant and incompetent.

School officials declined an on-camera interview but Principal Cheryl Ehlers acknowledged that the school is investigating the allegations via email and says her response is limited due to confidentiality concerns. Ehlers also says the allegations are taken seriously and reviewed thoroughly by all who have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for students.