A look inside the Pima County Sheriff's Operations Center

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As more funerals and memorial services begin across the city, the Pima County Sheriff's office has to make sure they can keep the public who attend safe.

"This is called the Sheriff's Operation Center,"

Inside 52 to 60 sheriff's deputies are hunkered down.

"It's been difficult they've been working many long hours.  Most of them have had very little rest."

Ever since gunshots broke last Saturday morning's silence. The Pima County Sheriff's Department has been busy. Now five days since the tragedy, the focus is shifting from investigation to public safety.

"We're supporting our deputies that are out there trying to accomplish the public safety mission,"

That includes events like Wednesday night's presidential visit, Tuesday night's memorial mass, Judge John Roll's rosary and little Christina Green's funeral.

"It's a tragic thing that occurred,"

Deputies want to make sure nothing else happens.

"This is actually designed to deal with on the ground problems that are occurring now,"

So they staff the command post and work alongside seven other agencies as the latest information keeps coming in.

"Intelligence from what we're doing funnels in on one point of contact and it causes us to either adjust react or change our tactics to deal with what's going on on the ground,"

And the situation on the ground isn't expected to get any easier.  Crowds are expected to continue showing up at the events, to show support for the victims.

The Operations Center is located on the third floor of the sheriff's office.  The investigation conducted by the Pima County Sheriff's Department and the FBI takes place out of the second floor.