More details emerging about Jared Loughner

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- New details are emerging about Jared Loughner, the suspected gunman behind Saturday's shooting.

Recently released police reports show Loughner's behavior at Pima Community College grew increasingly erratic.

Documents show in a poetry class in February, Lougher talked about strapping bombs to babies.

Then in September, a campus police officer called in to calm another one of his outbursts reported that Loughner was incomrehensible and mumbling about the constitution.

That same month, Loughner was suspended and told he would need to undergo a mental health exam to prove he wasn't a danger if he wanted to return to classes. He then dropped out.

New pictures of the man charged in the shootings.

Marana Unified School District released yearbook photos throughout the years.

Loughner dropped out of mountain view high school his Junior year.

He also attended Thornydale Elementary School and Tortolita Middle School.