Valley woman has insurance hang-up with hail repair claim

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PHOENIX - Megan Chandler's car was crushed during a massive hail storm in her west Phoenix neighborhood.

“Really bad, it was really bad,” she said. “The whole neighborhood was a disaster.”

Pictures taken after the storm show the car with deep dents all over, and the tail light and side mirror shattered.

After seeing the extent of the damage, Megan contacted her insurance company to file a claim.

“I didn't want a car that basically looked like it had celullite all over it,” she said.

Her insurance company, Permanent General, decided to total out the 2008 Chrysler Sebring for $10,113.

Permanent General had the car towed from Megan's home the day after Thanksgiving.

But two weeks later, Megan says the company still hadn't cut a check, leaving her to make the payments.

“It's just been really frustrating and I just want it done with and move on and stuff,” Megan said.

To make matters worse, Megan says she wasn't getting any answers from Permanent General and no one was returning her calls.

“And so finally I just got so fed up that I just said you know what I'm calling 3 On Your Side,” she said.

Permanent General tells 3 On Your Side, "For unknown reasons, we were unable to obtain properly executed documents in order to settle the claim. In the interest of resolving this matter with Ms. Chandler, we agreed to release payment to the lien holder in order to satisfy her debt."

“I even actually got 30 bucks extra,” Megan said.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Megan received a letter confirming that her claim had been paid, which, she says was a huge relief.

“Finally, I was just really relieved, glad to send it away and get on with my new car,” she said.