Tucsonans flock to be a part of historic memorial service

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The total attendance for the memorial led by President Obama was just over 26,000 people, 13,000 of which were inside.

The other half sat in Arizona stadium because they couldn't get in.

"The tragedy from Saturday really effected pretty much this whole community and we just wanted to come out here to pay our condolences," said John Peoble.

John Peoble along with his wife and friends got in line just after 1 P.M.  They realized shortly, that may have been too late.

"We walked the entire line a little bit earlier, took us about 13 minutes so just rough estimate we thought about 20,000 people, so we were a little skeptical of getting in but we're still gonna wait it out," said Peoble.

The line ran west of McKale, all the way down cherry and then veered right on warren. That was just one of the 3 lines police formed to manage the crowds, but as soon as the doors opened, those waiting in the back were told there was no room.

"I'm sorry folks it's all full."

"No on else is gonna be allowed into McKale.  Start walking that way toward the stadium."

"Well its very disappointing we weren't able to make it in," said Peoble.  "But in a way it's very heart warming to see this many people come out here and turn out.  I'm very surprised by the community. It's a very good feeling to see these people turn out for this."

Jon and his friends walked away, but were still happy they made an effort.