Obama visit creates commotion at McKale Center

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The President waited a few days before traveling to Tucson because he knows the frenzy a presidential trip creates on a town.

Wednesday was no different. Long lines and a lot of commotion surrounded the McKale Center.

Thousands came out to listen to President Obama attempt to heal Tucson, to heal a nation.

As we walked through the crowds of people, something, someone, caught the eye.

"Nineteen candles for everyone, 6 crosses for those that passed," said a cyclist with a memorial on his trailer.

He rode by while outside McKale thousands lined up waiting for the President.

"A lot of these people are out here because the President is here, when the reason he's coming is because of this tragedy,"

He worked at the Safeway where tragedy struck and Wednesday he hoped his candles, his crosses, would remind people of the real reason the President was in Tucson.

"I want to put things back in focus,"

No doubt there was fanfare.

But all over, there were vivid reminders Tucson is coming together to help with money and even kind words.

"I'm not here for the show.  I'm here because I love this town.  I love Tucson, and it's really sad."

Chris Loomis was one of the first people in line, waiting since early this morning.

He like everyone else had big expectations for the president's address.

"Words of inspiration, words to make us feel better,"

"I want him to show us how devastated he is that it'll be OK,"

"I'm just glad he's here for real purpose,"

The real purpose, to begin the healing, while remembering the fallen and those still wounded.

"We will bounce back,"