UMC memorial visitors watch with hope as President passes.

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Before president Obama spoke to thousands at the McKale center, he and the first lady stopped by University Medical Center to visit Representative Gabrielle Giffords, other victims, their families and the medical staff.

The memorial at UMC for the victims and six people that were killed over the weekend continues to grow.

"That's correct, I noticed it started off small and it was a few little things," said memorial visitor Elik Essif.

Those few little things have turned into hundreds of notes, flowers and candles.

Also the crowds at the memorial continue to grow.

"We just wanted to pay our respects and just come down here and see it for our selves," said Essif.

Chesley Riesgo got the chance to see more than the memorial through her dark shades.

Just before 4 P.M., President Obama and the first lady drove by the memorial on Campbell.

"I just hope that he can bring and give us all a little bit more hope today," said Riesgo.

The President visited with Gabby Giffords and her family for about nine minutes at the ICU. Then he met with the other victims and their families and members of the trauma team that took care of the victims of Saturday's tragic shooting.

Elik Essif and his son Jacob thought that having the president here was important.

"It's real important, I think its great, I think this is a time for national unity."

The visit at the hospital lasted about 45 minutes and President Obama and the Ms. Obama were off to the McKale center to bring hope and unity to the City of Tucson.