Chandler police release mall shooting 911 tapes

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Chandler police released the 911 calls made last week following the gunfire at Chandler Fashion Center.

Dispatch: 911 emergency.
Caller: Apparently there is gunfire inside the Sears store at the Chandler mall
Dispatch: OK, first of all did you see what happened? Was anybody hurt?
Caller: Umm. We're not sure yet, all I know is there is gunfire, and there's yelling, everybody is running out of the store.
Dispatch: Do you see the person with the gun?
Caller: I've got to go. He can hear.

Police say Adam Hernandez shot at officers outside the mall, then disappeared inside a department store.

Later, Hernandez got away from police searching the mall and was across the street taking hostages at a Baja Fresh restaurant. At that time Hernandez’s own mother called police. 

Suspect's mother: My son just called me right now because he says he's like, he's in a bad situation with some City of Chandler police, in a hostage situation and I need to know where he's at because he won't tell me and I can't get a hold of him anymore on the phone.

Suspect's mother: His name is Adam Hernandez.

Police say Hernandez eventually gave up peacefully and was taken into custody. He was wanted for an attempted robbery at a location off of the mall property.

No one was injured in the incident.