Special mass held for Tucson shooting victims

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tucson community is still reeling from Saturday morning's shooting. Several victims were members of the Catholic Church.  Tuesday night, a special mass held to remember the victims.

Just a year ago, it was 9-year-old Christina's voice that filled this church.  At Tuesday night's memorial mass, that voice was missing.

"We are in tears, pained and concerned that this violence could happen," said Bishop Gerald Kicanas the Archdiocese of Tucson during Tuesday night's service.

Six people, each one taken too soon in coldblooded murder.

Tucsonans flocked to St. Odilias looking for answers, looking to heal, desperately trying to understand.

"I dont konw what to think about all this,"

"This transcends religous bleiefs its such a helpless feeling,"

"I believe god works in myseterious ways,"

Inside, there was not a seat to be found. As many as 134 people in an overflow room.

Many faiths together in one room united by the pain of one devastating day.

"Tragedy of that morning will haunt us forever,"

But with faith and one another, they say they shall overcome.