Lougner family issued statement Tuesday

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Since Saturday's tragic event, there has been little word from Loughner's family, who lives on the northwest side of Tucson.

Tuesday the family issued its first public statement.

The media was staked out at the Loughner home.  Each reporter and cameraman waiting anxiously for someone to come out and speak.

But there was no comment from anybody walking into the house or leaving.

After hours and hours of waiting, the family released a statement around 3:30 P.M.  In that statement the Loughner family mentions that it has been a difficult time for them.

They don't understand why this happened and that they care about the victims and their families and sorry for their loss.

Gloria Waddill had an interesting story about Jared Loughner.  She says he would hang around her carport before she left for work and when she came home.

"He would come and ride his bike, he would come and stand in my carport, I would come from work, I would leave for my job at midnight and then by the time I got home he was already in my carport," said Waddill.

That led her to call the authorities on Loughner.

"In fact I called Pima County Sheriff's and let them know about him and the next day I ended up with silly string inside my mailbox it was full of silly string," said Waddill.

Regardless of their encounters with Jared or his parents, the neighbors are still in shock at what happened over the weekend.

"It's so strange he was just right behind, right in the neighborhood for him to be doing this, I didn't think that to magnitude this is a horrific thing," said Loughner's neighbor Stephen Woods.