Media circus hits Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Just two days after this weekends tragic events, Tucson is the center of the media world.

Top anchors and correspondents from networks and cable channels from all over are in town reporting from the scene.

The tragic events of Saturday morning have brought hundreds of journalists to Tucson.

The entrance at University Medical Center has turned into satellite row. There are stations from around the country and the world.

"I am with Swiss Television SF, which is the nationally owned television station in Switzerland.  We are, to give you an idea, we are what BBC is in the UK, but on a bit smaller scale," said Swiss TV reporter Matthias Erne.

There was nothing small about these familiar faces, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams.  All the major networks sent their lead anchors and top reporters.

"This story immediately presented itself as one of major national implications," said NBC News anchor and reporter Lester Holt.  "Obviously, a member of congress shot, a federal judge shot, a child shot, there was no question we were going to respond to this story in a big way, we've got a lot of people here."

People that are tuned in from California to Maine and from Spain to Germany.

"Even today it's on all, probably all European stations number one news," said Erne.

For many of the media outlets this tragic event will be connected with Tucson forever.  Kind of like how Katrina is connected to New Orleans and Oklahoma City is connected to the bombing at the federal building.

"We do use shorthand to say Oklahoma City and instantly we all know what that is," said NBC News anchor Brian Williams.  "I think Tucson in a perverse way has a chance to also show the rest of the country what they're made of."

So what kind of impression of Tucson will the world get from this exposure?

"Tucson will live with this, and people will pass that intersection and look over at the Safeway and they'll remember the pain very freshly," said Holt.

"Tucson, before you know it, is going to be known for being a great creative, great place to live in southern Arizona," said Williams.