AZ Pain Centers treating neck pain and migraines

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There are many causes for neck pain including discs that touch the nerve roots, genetics but most commonly whiplash. Whiplash tears the microscopic muscle fibers and from that scars are formed that later turn into trigger points. These trigger points will fire up muscles in the back of the neck creating tension in the neck and ultimately creating the headache or migraine.

AZ Pain Centers treats headaches whether they be migraines, cluster headaches, post-traumatic or tension headaches. They start with working up the back of the neck and nerve distribution around the back of the head. They place small injections at those sites with a substance mixed with local anesthetics, anti-fibrotic that helps break down the scars and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substance. AZ Pain Centers is best know for their non-steroidal injections.  The treatment will decrease the inflammatory response and that's what generates the pain. AZ Pain Centers works on not only relieving pain but also curing the problem.

AZ Pain Centers is focused on giving patients hope and has partnered with the charity,  Hope and A Future, and Harkins Theater to put on a movie night. The movie night is set for January 27th and includes appetizers, cocktails and a silent auction. Proceeds will benefit the charity. Hope and A Future was formed six years ago and provides resources for Arizona foster children that helps equip them to be productive adults