Vigil in Tucson for shooting victims

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Hours after the shooting spree, people started coming in droves to Congresswoman Giffords' midtown office.

The vigil continued into the night, despite a suspicious package threat near Pima and swan.
Long before the sun went down, they started coming.

"I wanted to be with other people who care about what's happening," said a vigil attendee.

"I think everyone's been extremely affected by this," said another attendee.

Young and old came out to Giffords' office.  Some bringing cards, others flowers.  Simple, tiny tokens of affection to show solidarity.

"We're honoring her.  Flowers and all the candles, everybody is trying to remember her.  We want to let her know that she is loved and we hope she gets better," said attendee Sammy.

Sammy was just one of many whose Saturday quickly turned sour with the news that their beloved congresswoman had been gunned down.

"Total shock.  I couldn't believe it."

"This is just not a good day.  I was horrified."

"I was angry and I was sad because she was doing what all congress people should be doing, talking to constituents."

As darkness set in, crowds grew larger as candles lit up the evening.  And it wasn't just democrats or republicans, it was Americans coming together.

"This is just an atrocious event for Tucson.  I just felt this is my small way of contributing here to support the community and what everyone has lost."

But a dark spot fell on the night's vigil.  Tucson police department evacuated the area near Giffords' office, pushing mourners across the street as they investigated a suspicious package.

"We're just proceeding cautiously and hoping to render this item safe so people can resume paying their respects," said Sgt. Fabian Pacheco of the Tucson Police Department.

Despite the threat, people were expected to continue showing up throughout the night.
Another vigil for the shooting victims was held downtown.

About two hundred people gathered to mourn the victims and pray for the survivors outside University Medical Center.

"I'm of an age where I witnessed Kennedy, and the other Kennedy, and martin Luther king and the attempt on Ronald Reagan and these things should not go unmarked, un-protested so that's why we're here," said vigil attendee Suzanne Griset.

There were also signs of support downtown at el Triadito shrine south of the TCC, people brought flowers and lit candles.

There were also posters for people to write get-well wishes to all of the victims. Support for Giffords was posted on the Rialto theater's marquee.

The vigil at UMC continued Sunday as well wishers hoped for the speedy and full recovery of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and all the victims of Saturday's tragic shooting.