The victims in Saturday's shooting incident

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There were a total of 19 victims in the shooting. Some of the victims have been identified.

One person killed was federal judge john roll, of the ninth district court. Roll lived nearby, and had just stopped by the event to say hello.

Another one of the deaths included giffords' community outreach director, gabe zimmerman. The 30-year-old was engaged to be married.

At least two other staffers were among those shot: pam simon and ron barber. Both are still hospitalized, and will be re-evaluated overnight.

Another fatal victim was 9-year-old christina taylor green of tucson. Her uncle says a neighbor was attending the event, and believed green would enjoy it. Green was a third-grader at mesa verde elementary school.

Only one of the other two confirmed dead has been identified. Dorwan Stodder was with a church volunteer, and both died in the tragedy. The identity of the volunteer has not been released.