Local man upset at Houston's ban of Segways in city parks

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HOUSTON – A local man is frustrated after the city of Houston banned the use of Segways in its parks.

For the past year and a half, Matthew Creede has operated the only Segway tour in Houston.

"We’ve been in Houston 18 years and haven’t seen the bayou this way before, so it’s great," said customer Rick Castagno.

Tourists and locals like Castagno pay $70 to cruise by the bayou and other destinations.

"This Segway, its very fun to ride," said customer Liang Huang. "With a little bit of practice, it’s just like part of your body."

The city’s parks department isn’t as enthusiastic, however.

It says Segways are banned in Houston parks based on a city law.

"It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or propel any vehicle over or through the parks," the law read.

Creede said while he is frustrated with the ruling, he can understand.

"The parks are just trying to do their job. They’re trying to figure out exactly what a Segway is."

According to research, Segways are allowed in major cities like Chicago, New York and Washington DC. In Texas, Segways are welcome in Austin and San Antonio.

Creede wonders why other cities in Texas can have them, but not Houston.

"So why not have them here as in other parts and keep the people who want to be in Houston here?" asked Creede.

Creede will continue his debate Tuesday when he takes his issue to city council.