Three King's Day growing in popularity in southern Arizona

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Thursday was the day to feast like a king.  Every year on January 6 the Hispanic culture celebrates "Three Kings Day."

A line poured out the door at La Estrella Bakery Thursday afternoon.  Inside customers waited calmly for their king cakes.

But in back, bakers were spinning in every direction prepping for the Three Kings celebration Thursday night, also known as "Dia de los Reyes".

"In our culture we celebrate this day to remember the three wise men," said La Estrella baker manager, Isabel Montano.

At the center of the celebration is a round cake called "Rosca De los Reyes". Besides the frosting and sugar coating, in each cake, bakers place a small plastic figurine known as the baby Jesus.

"Every year, it's a tradition in our family and we have dinner and we find the baby Jesus," said Veronica Garcia.

Whoever finds the baby Jesus has to throw a party.

"You get presents, you get together with the family, you get to eat," said Mayra Gonzalez.

"It brings families together so its a tradition that's been evolving and being incorporated into the classroom and into work," said Montano.

It's a tradition that's growing in southern Arizona.

"When we first started doing this 20 years ago, this celebration, our first order was like 10," said Montano.

Nowadays La Estrella can't make enough of Las Roscas. The bakery planned to sell more than 400 Thursday.

Whoever finds the baby Jesus inside the cake must host their party on February 2. That's known as candle mass day, which celebrates the presentation of baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph in the temple.