New details emerge on teen death in Nogales border rock throwing incident

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Wednesday night the official word was that a teen who was throwing rocks at Border Patrol agents simply fell over the border wall, hit his head and died.

But as new details emerge, the story changes dramatically.

"It was really disturbing for us, well for me," said a 17-year-old Nogales student Kassandra Agular.

Agular referred to an incident at the border Wednesday involving Border Patrol and 17-year-old Ramses Barron Torres.

The incident left Torres dead, but the cause of death is now being questioned.

"They're supposed to protect the border but not in that way," said Agular.  "They're not supposed to shoot people, especially not kids."

Torres was throwing rocks at Border Patrol on Wednesday while standing on the top of the border wall.

One mexican official initially said an agent fired shots into the air to scare the teen, and he fell off the wall landing on his head on the mexican side. He later died.

But according to the Nogales International Paper, the Sonora State investigative police now say the Border Patrol shot Torres and he died from those wounds.

At least some residents remain fairly supportive of the job being done by border agents.

"I think they're doing their job and if he didn't go about it the right way, I'm sure it'll come back to him," said Nogales resident Omar Castaneda.

Last month border agent Brian Terry was shot and killed after an altercation with border bandits. Now a new incident at the border has omar questioning the towns safety.

"They had better control 10 years back," said Castaneda.  "Now it's just gotten too outta hand."

Border Patrol is keeping quiet about the incident and Nogales Police aren't saying much.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office had not returned calls.