StubHub offering big money for BCS Championship game tickets

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PHOENIX -- A huge mistake could cost online ticket marketplace StubHub thousands of dollars, and if you have a ticket to the BCS National Championship game, you can cash in.

The fan-to-fan ticket sales website on Wednesday suspended the sale of tickets to Monday's BCS title games between No. 1 Auburn and No. 2 Oregon when it learned a seller did not have enough tickets to fill orders.

StubHub sent an e-mail to fans who had already purchased tickets, offering to buying them back for a full refund plus an additional payment of twice the ticket price.

If a fan paid $1,000 for a ticket, for example, StubHub will refund that $1,000, plus kick in an additional $2,000.

A spokeswoman for the online ticket broker said they are confident that they will have enough takers to fill outstanding orders. That spokeswoman said StubHub will bill the seller for the additional costs.

StubHub said it does not believe the seller in question, whose name has not been released, was trying to scam customers. Officials said it looks like the seller was simply overwhelmed by the demand for tickets.

StubHub said tickets to Monday's game could be available on the site again over the weekend.

The company's spokeswoman said the BCS title game is the best-selling event in StubHub's history and that tickets are selling for well above their face values. Single seats were going for as much as $8,600 Wednesday.

StubHub said it will have representatives in Arizona on game day in case any issues crop up.

San Francisco-based StubHub is a division of eBay. The company says its FanProtect™ Guarantee backs every order.