Child predator may be on the prowl in Paradise Valley

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. – Parents and students are on alert in Paradise Valley after police said there was a possible child predator on the prowl.

Students have reported at least four different incidents, the latest of which took place near 44th Street and Joan de Arc while a Paradise Valley High School student was walking to the bus stop.

Police say the girl was not physically harmed and reported the incident to the school.

Later the same day students from several nearby schools took home a “Stanger Alert” flyer to warn parents.

Savannah Cunningham walks to the same bus stop where she says her classmate had a scary encounter with a strange man a couple of days ago.

“The fact that it was so close kind of made me really nervous because that’s where I walk to go to the bus stop,” she said.

Police believe this could be the fourth time the same man has approached a child walking to school.

“It was a female student about 14 years of age that sexually inappropriate comments are being made to that student,” said Sgt. Trent Crump with the Phoenix Police Department.

Crump said those types of comments are not against the law unless that person is prohibited to be around kids. “Is this a registered sex offender and it might be a violation? Is this an individual who might be on probation and it is a violation, which is why we document this.”

Phoenix police have put together a Neighborhood Enforcement Team. Crump said they don’t take calls for service so they can proactively work on a particular problem they are having.

Police are asking kids and parents to be on the lookout in the area for a Hispanic man in his 40s, who may have a mustache, driving a green pickup truck. If you see him, you are urged to write down the license plate number and call police.