Northwest Fire gives startling tree fire demonstration

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It's been nearly two weeks since we celebrated Christmas.

One area fire district did a demonstration Wednesday to show you the dangers of leaving dried Christmas trees in your house too long.

Adam Goldberg from the Northwest Fire District explains as the demonstration proceeds.

So this is really what happens when we light dry shrubs on fire. Its dry and it'll burn but it wont burn really fast or really hot.  Somebody could still take a fire extinguisher to this, someone could still take a garden hose if it was a brush fire.

But what you'll see with a Christmas tree that's been dried out in someones house still has lights on it. Whether someone lights a candle, whether it's a cigarette, some electrical emergency with the lighting you'll see just how fast this tree goes up with one quick light.  And there's no time for someone to react to go get a fire extinguisher no time for someone to get water.

The amount of heat coming off right now, you'll see it'll start burning things around it. We're about twenty feet and it's almost too hot we have to back up.

There will be no doubt that if a tree inside of a home catches fire like that it'll spread to the house it'll consume as much as it can in a very short amount of time. And i was right that was only about 10 seconds and that tree is gone.

Between the years of 2003 and 2008, 14 people died around the U.S. because of tree related fires.

More than half of Christmas tree fires happen in January.