Bank robbery suspect; Tucson house fire; Tucson police transport vans; Tucson bike count; 4th Ave. construction; New Habistore home

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A robber hit the Arizona State Savings and Credit Union on Oracle Road. He showed a weapon and left with cash.

He's about 30-years-old 6' tall and 160 pounds. If you know anything call 911 or 88-CRIME.


The Tucson Fire Department made quick work of a fire near Main Avenue and Cushing Street.

That's because flames were coming from a home that was less than a mile away from fire station one.

From looks of it, the fire was pretty small.


The Tucson Police Department has two new tools to help them as they protect and serve the people of the city.

G4S Secure Solutions donated two extended passenger vans. They will be part of the prisoner transportation unit.

With the current budget situation, the vehicles will come in handy since funds to purchase vehicles are very limited.

"This helps us to make the best use of our resources by having transport vehicles we don't have to have individual officers tied up in taking the arrestees and prisoners to jail or to court," said Tucson Police Department Chief Roberto Villaseñor.

The police department received the vans on April of 2010 and has been using them since July of 2010.


Tucson is known as a bike friendly city, and we now know which streets most bicyclists use.

The results of the 2010 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Count are in. Of the 98 locations observed, the busiest spots for bicyclists were 3rd Street and Campbell Avenue, University Boulevard and Park Avenue, and Helen Street and Mountain Avenue.

We also learned 73% of the bicyclists were men, just over 50% were wearing helmets and just 6% were riding on the sidewalk.


Construction work going on in the 4th Avenue area.

The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation department is working on the sewer in the neighborhood.

Some business owners are annoyed with the work making it hard for customers to reach their stores.

"It's just the noise and the dust and everything else it seems like 4th Avenue, it's been under construction for the last 6 years," said 4th Avenue business owner Martin Fontes.

Construction right now is on 7th Street between Hoff Avenue to 4th Avenue, and Herbert Avenue to the west of 4th Avenue. It will contine to 6th 5th and 4th Stressts between Hoff and Herbert.


A new home and a grand re-opening for Tucson's Habistore.

The Habitat for Humanity's Habistore provides discounted new and used home improvement items. After being located at ajo and palo verde for four years, it's new home is in the floor trader building just east of I-10 on Grant Road.

The store is really interesting. It's a treasure hunt every day we have everything that a hardware store wil l have, and we have everything that a furniture and appliances store have, you never know what you gonna find when you come in.

During this week, shoppers receive 10% off all purchases over $50. The doors are open now but the grand reopening celebration is Friday and Saturday.