Tucson starts 2011 with fewer officers

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It's the new year and the start of new crime stats  Add to those numbers an incident at the Palm Court Inn Monday morning.

"They located an adult male suffering from apparent gun shot trauma in the complex here," said Tucson Police Sergeant Matt Ronstadt.

The man is going to be alright.

Police began searching south of this field for two suspects, one man and one woman both either in their late teens or early 20's.

"Officers are currently involved in an on going foot search for the suspects in the area," said Sgt. Ronstadt.

The morning wasn't quiet and neither was Sunday night as Tucson's first homicide took place near Irvington and 6th Avenue on the south side.

"They began CPR on that victim while waiting for paramedics to respond, the victim was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries," said Ronstadt.

The new year is off to a similar start as in past years.  TPD says there's nothing to be alarmed about with these two incidents, but 2011 is different in one aspect.

"The numbers have been widely reported at this point that we are down to mid 150-175 range right now," said Sgt. Ronstadt.  "Certainly that hurts."

And with a new year upon us and fewer officers.

"If we have more officers on the streets we're gonna have a more visible patrol presence that's gonna lead to a reduction in crime," said Sgt. Ronstadt.  "We'd certainly like to see a more active presence on the street to help keep cases like this at a minimum."

Sergeant Ronstadt tells us that as of January 1, there are roughly 960 Tucson police officers, down about 40 officers compared to this time last year.