New blood test can detect single cancer cell

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PHOENIX -- Johnson & Johnson has developed a new blood to detect cancer. The test is so sensitive that it can find one cancer cell in the midst of millions of healthy cells.

Dr. Tim Birdsall from Cancer Treatment Centers of America says his facility has been using the test for nearly three years.

"It's really revolutionary technology," he said. "Literally, a single cancer cell [in a blood sample] can light up in this test."

One of the uses of the test will be to help doctors determine if a patient's cancer has spread. It can also be used by researchers to develop new treatments.

He explained how it works to Kaley O'Kelley, and said the next generation of the blood test should be able to determine what type of cancer the cell is. He said that should be available in two to three years.

The new blood test is supported by a $15 million grant from “Stand Up To Cancer.”