Plants and pipes feeling the effects of freezing temperatures

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – Freezing temperatures over New Year’s weekend have taken their toll on plants and pipes around the Valley.

Although residents were warned about cold temperatures, a lot of plants were still damaged.

Snowfall in the Phoenix area last week prompted many to cover up their plants and pipes but not everyone got around to it.

David Davis with Apache Plumbing Services said he has received dozens of calls since the cold weather started.

“We had a lot of underground leaks because when the water gets cold, the pipes shrink,” Davis said.

That causes damage to brittle pipes.

Davis’ advice for future freeze warnings is to, “Turn your water on a tiny bit because it’s the best thing you can do. Whatever faucet is furthest away in your house because it will keep the water moving.”

At Whitfill Nursery, a few plants suffered. Brian Whitfill said they can be saved although they will probably look “a little sad” over the next few months.