Holiday travelers return; I-10 construction

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A lot of holiday travelers were going the distance Sunday as the long weekend came to a close.

Fliers packed into Tucson international airport to head back home for the work week.

Travelers returning to the old pueblo and others who were trying to depart from TIA and not having much success.

"Apparently my flight was canceled, so i don't know, i don't really know what's going to happen," said holiday traveler Dusten Martinez.

"It was definitely just packed with people," said holiday traveler Annabelle Jelderkspenner.  "Everyone's coming home because tomorrow's the school day, work day, Sunday to Monday."

And even though travelers packed airports across the country this holiday season, most people decided to drive to their destinations.


Starting Monday, the drive along I-10 will be reduced to only one lane in some areas.

Around the Colossal Cave - Wentworth exit and the Palo Verde exit, traffic will be diverted to only one lane because of bridge repair issues.

The construction is part of a statewide project looking to extend the life of bridges along the highway.