Rosca de Reyes

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- On or around the 6th day of January, Christians around the world celebrate the Epiphany -- a festival and day of feast in the Christmas holiday tradition. A confectionery staple of the feast is the King Cake. This popular pastry is sometimes referred to as kingcake, king's cake, or three kings cake.  In France and Belgium it is gâteau des Rois, and in Spain and Latin America it's goes by the name Rosca de Reyes (King's Ring). 

As an active part of the Epiphany tradition, the cake includes small trinkets (usually figures of the Christ Child) hidden inside the cake, and the first person to discover the small baby will serve as the host/hostess for February Celebration.

If you live in the metro-Phoenix area, you can pick up a traditional Rosca de Reyes from the skilled bakers in the pasteleria at La Tolteca.  

La Tolteca is located at 1205 E. Van Buren Street in Phoenix.  For more information or to order a cake, call (602) 253-1511 or visit