Garden Guy -- Dos and don'ts for protecting your plants from the freeze

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Don’t walk on grass after a freeze. It will kill the grass.

Cover all newly planted plants and trees, and new growth. Use burlap, sheets, insulate, fake snow material. Tip: buy sheets for less at Goodwill or other thrift store

Make sure all plant covers touch the ground to trap heat, and secure with bricks or rocks. Never use plastic and always remove plant covers during the day.

Water plants early in the a.m. – Mulch + moist soil = plant/root protection

Wrap fruit tree trunks w/burlap or newspaper, cut cardboard or a some paper towel rolls (cut and tape several)

Use wall o water or milk jugs filled with warm water

Christmas tree lights (150w) wrapped in trees and plants will add warmth

Use nursery pots or cardboard boxes to cover small plants

Use Styrofoam cups to cover new blooms you want to protect.

Move potted plants indoors or in the garage.

Don’t trim or prune – leave all damaged limbs and leaves to protect the parts still alive. Wait till Spring to prune

Protect ASV by wrapping in newspaper or special tape.

Protect pipes w/foam tube insulation or insulation tape or rags, newspaper, trash bags, etc.

Leave water running through your faucet – about the size of the lead in a pencil – moving water can’t freeze.

Plants to always protect from frost/cover: Ficus, bougainvillea, hibiscus, natal plum, cape honeysuckle, red bird of paradise, citrus trees.