Garden Guy -- Myths and facts about protecting plants from a freeze

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I was always told it was a good idea to spray Pledge furniture polish on my plants and tree leaves for frost protection.
False. It can actually cause damage.

The plants and trees closest to my pool get colder.
False. They stay warmer, actually. The pool water adds more warmth. Plants on the south or west side of a property, near block walls, rocks or concrete will be protected the most.

I shouldn’t water my plants or lawn when we have a freeze warning.
False. Watering is good to do, especially early in the morning.

Never remove ice or snow from plants.
True. It can add protection.

Mist all plants and trees all night long.
False. You can do this to fruit trees, especially young ones, but make sure it’s an even, fine mist of just water.

I need to pick up all my leaves when it’s cold out.
False. Leave the leaves to add protection and keep warmth in. In fact, mulching is preferred, using leaves, hay/straw, compost, shredded native tree trimmings, shredded newspaper, etc.