Phoenix police officers save man from burning home

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man just might owe his life to a pair of young police officers who hustled him out of his burning home early Friday morning.

It happened at about 2:15 a.m. The officers had parked near 48th Lane and McDowell Road to do some paperwork. When they looked up, they spotted smoke billowing from a nearby home.

The officers knocked on the door, awakening the homeowner who had been asleep on the couch. A burning candle had started a fire just 10 feet from him.

The officers got the man outside and made sure there was nobody else inside the home.

"We went in there to see if we could put the fire out," said Officer Zachary Wright. "It got too big ... so we couldn't put it out."

The home sustained some damage, but the homeowner was not hurt.

Firefighters said had those officers not stepped in, the situation could have been much worse.

The man did not have utilities in his home and was using the candle to keep warm.