Big winter storm will bring major cooldown to Arizona by mid-week

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PHOENIX -- A big winter storm is heading our way.

Some clouds are going to be moving across the state today and tomorrow, but our highs will be in line with our seasonal averages. It's going to be 66 today and 65 tomorrow.

A big cooldown is coming, though, as a low pressure system that originated in the Gulf of Alaska moves in and redevelops over the West.

Plan on rain showers here in the Valley Wednesday and into Thursday. Heavy snow is possible in the high country. When the storm passes, it's going to leave behind some very cold temperatures.

By New Year's Eve, it should be clear, but our high will top out in the upper 40s. Yes, you read that right -- upper 40s.

We might have a hard-freeze warning that morning as temperatures dip into the 20s, possibly into the teens in some of the outlying areas.

It looks like 2011 will dawn clear and cold.