Recycling may get you quick cash for last-minute gift

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PHOENIX - Scrap metal and other scrap items might be the answer for some extra cash around the holidays.

“Well the most unique thing we ever had come in was a casket,” Glendale Iron & Metal general manager, Keith Kosier said. “People bring in sheet iron and stuff like that, either roofing materials or parts of cars. We get old refrigerators which is another big thing.”

Kosier said these are just a few of the things you can turn into cash.

“It's a good opportunity for people to bring scrap into us this time of year,” Kosier said. “It's the holiday season and everyone is looking for a few bucks.

So what you think might be trash could actually be a hidden treasure.

“This would be a window frame and it could also be something you find in your shower,” Kosier said. “We then might get into some of the different things you would find in your kitchen like pots, pans stuff like that. There made out of aluminum, stainless every now and then you get lucky."

The product list goes on from copper tubing to cans, bats and even a motor in a garbage disposal. But while you may think all this scrap is junk, Kosier said once they package it up, it can come in very handy for steel mills to being melted down into other products.
“This is shredded aluminum and this is one of our major products,” Kosier said. “We ship this material domestically and overseas and more specifically into the Pacific Rim countries.”

How much cash can you get for your scraps?

“The market has been fluctuating,” Kosier said. “Copper is up, aluminum is up, steel is up, they've just been jumping around. It’s more or less a daily deal.”

Kosier also gives his customers a chance to walk away with even more money.

“We have a card that's a scratcher card and every time you come in, you scratch it and you can win anywhere from $1 to $1, 000,” Kosier said. “This qualifies you for a validation card and you get twelve punches on a validation card for $10,000.”

In addition to making some fast cash this holiday season, it's also about keeping our environment clean.
“You don't want this material to end up at the dump and this is the best way of getting all of this material back into the recycling mode,” Kosier said. “And that's what everyone wants to do, everyone wants to be green.”

For more information on the Scrap Stakes Contest, go to Glendale Iron & Metal.