Holiday events for Tucson children

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We still have a few days left before Christmas, but patients at the Diamond Children's hospital just couldn't wait.

Children do tend to have a hard time waiting to open gifts, especially since the entrance to the hospital was stocked with toys.

Starry and his helpers rounded up the toys, then delivered them to the children.

"It keeps them from thinking about what's happening so that whatever treatment they're getting its a little less painful, after having her appendix out yesterday its really a good thing to keep her spirits up and to have something fun like this," said Sonya Lee from the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Maracay Homes and the Starlight Children's Foundation are responsible for the fun.  More than 4,000 toys were handed out.

It seems like Santa is making the rounds a little earlier than usual in Tucson.

Tuesday, homicide survivors invited families whose loved ones have died because of homicides to eat cookies with Santa.

The county attorney's office adopted the children of the victims and granted them their Christmas wishes. Partying with Santa gave the children a chance to take their mind off of the tragedies they faced.

The cookies with Santa program for homicide survivors has been going on for more than 18 years.