Legal fireworks sale in Arizona, first related fire

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Fireworks are now being sold in the City of Tucson. The law states, however, they can only be used outside the city limits.

Pop-up stores like one on Alvernon and Speedway are giving people a chance to purchase fireworks for the holidays.

I am out doing my Christmas shopping and I have a couple people on my list who are a little hard to shop for and I saw the booth and I thought I would stop and see what was here," said Marissa Selby.

The owner of the Phantom Fireworks store plans to have three locations open by Wednesday.

And even though the sale of fireworks has only been legal in Arizona for a couple weeks, the City of Phoenix has already reported it's first fireworks related fire.

The fire burned a grassy area of a property near Buckeye Road and 83rd Avenue The use of fireworks in Phoenix is now a class one misdemeanor punishable by up to $2,500 and, or six months in jail.