Apartment fire leaves young Phoenix couple homeless

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PHOENIX -- A young couple will have to find another place to stay this Christmas after a fire ripped through a Phoenix apartment complex early Wednesday morning.

When firefighters arrived on the scene near 48th Street and Broadway Road, flames were visible on the second floor. Flames were in the walls and the eaves, making it difficult for firefighters.

While the fire was a stubborn one, crews were able to get things under control relatively quickly.

"Fire was coming through the window. We made a quick attack, knocked the fire down," said Capt. John Zanotti of the Phoenix Fire Department. His unit was the first on the scene.

Firefighters do not believe the apartment had a working smoke detector. The people who lived there said they heard a pop. That's what alerted them to the fire.

"These people were just lucky that they heard some noise," Zanotti said.

The residents were able to get themselves and their puppy out safely.

Damage to the home is extensive.

Investigator do not yet know what cause the fire.

The Phoenix Fire Department's Critical Response Team is helping the couple find a place to stay and getting them set up with some basic necessities.

Zanotti said this is a good reminder for people to check their smoke detectors and make sure they have working batteries.

No injuries were reported.