Police chase ends in crash

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A police chase that started on the south side, went through the City of South Tucson, ended on the interstate frontage road north of Speedway Tuesday morning when the car being chased flipped.

Police have reopened access to I-10 from Speedway as the investigation at the scene wrapped up early Tuesday afternoon.

Tucson fire officials say they responded to the accident, but have cleared the scene without transporting anyone to area hospitals.

The name of the person being pursued has not yet been released, but Tucson police say he has a violent past and is someone they have been looking for in connection with several crimes.

The pursuit started on the south side of Tucson, went north of Sixth Avenue through the City of South Tucson, headed west on 22nd Street to the interstate and ended when the suspect initially accessed I-10 westbound at Speedway, but at the last minute swerved into the gore point to access the frontage road.  That caused his car to flip onto its top.

The accident and subsequent investigation caused traffic problems in the area for two hours.