Redflex suing Tempe to get bigger cut of traffic tickets

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TEMPE, Ariz. – A photo radar company is suing the City of Tempe for a bigger cut of its profits.

The city is being sued by Redflex, the company that builds and operates cameras. Executives at the company want a bigger cut of the profits from traffic tickets.

Photo radar cameras have been flashing in Tempe for three years. They've been targeted by protesters from Santa’s covering the cameras with sacks to the Easter Bunny covering them with eggs.

Through it all Redflex executives insisted the cameras were there for safety and not profit. Jay Heiler, with Redflex, says, "The technology does a wonderful job making us more attentive as we drive."

Court documents now reveal Redflex and Tempe have been fighting over photo radar profits for months and now Redflex filed a breach of contract suit against the city over payments.

Speeders caught on camera are told they have two options: They can pay a $200 fine and receive points on their license or they can take a drivers safety course and avoid the fine and points on their license.

Redflex has a problem with option two because when people choose the driving class, Redflex does not receive money from that class fee.

Shawn Dow, of, says money has always been the motivator behind the cameras and now the city and Redflex have turned on each other at the taxpayer’s expense.

Dow says, "It's going to cost the taxpayers’ money because they're paying the city attorneys to defend the city for getting into bed with this company. You lay with dogs, you come up with fleas."

Neither Redflex nor anyone with the City of Tempe would comment on this report. Redflex is seeking more than $1 million.