So-called 'Hammer Time Bandits' arrested in jewelry store heists

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PHOENIX – Five suspects are in custody after a series of jewelry store thefts across the city.

Police say the men have robbed up to ten jewelry stores including a daytime robbery in Phoenix on Friday.

The three suspects allegedly robbed the jewelry store inside a Ranch Market located at 59th Avenue and Thomas Road.

The men were armed with guns when they smashed the glass on jewelry cases and fled with $100,000 to $200,000 worth of merchandise.

The suspects got into a getaway car and when they tried to flee the store’s manager reportedly opened fire on their car.

Police say the men crashed the vehicle a few blocks from the scene and fled on foot into a neighborhood where officers were able to put them under arrest.

Nobody was injured during the robbery and the chase.

Police are trying to obtain search warrants for the suspects’ homes to see if they can recover stolen merchandise.

It is unclear whether the store manager will face charges for shooting at the getaway car.