Nogales drug tunnel; Burned body found; Charges for hit-run driver; Pedestrian struck; Toddler injured while mother fleeing

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ICE agents in Nogales practically stumbled upon over a ton of marijuana and a drug tunnel, right next to a parking meter.

Agents saw a bundle fall out of a van, and opened the vehicle to find over 2,100 pounds of pot.

Further investigation of the vehicle showed a trap door through the floor of the van, leading to a 10-inch diameter hole cut in the street.

That hole led to a 13-foot tunnel that ended in Mexico. One man has been arrested, while another suspect is still free. The tunnel will be filled with concrete.


A disturbing find in Corona de Tucson Tuesday morning.  A man walking his dog came across a burned body just after 9 A.M.

The area is located just southeast of Tucson.  No details on the victim's identity except that it was a woman, 5'3" with light brown hair.


The hit and run driver who killed another driver last week in midtown.

Jared Payne, 25, is charged with manslaughter and criminal damage in the death of 44-year-old Marta Kellogg.

Police say Payne rear-ended another driver and sped away from that crash without exchanging information.


A pedestrian was struck Tuesday evening just north of the corner of Oracle and Rudasill, not a lot of details on exactly what happened, but apparently, a female driver struck the man, in his fifties, and knocked him unconscious. The man does have life-threatening injuries.

Northwest fire officials are on scene, and continue to investigate the accident. Southbound traffic on Oracle will be very limited while the investigation continues.


An update on the bizarre story Monday of a mother who injured her baby climbing out of a second story window.

Mekailah Nieto, 19, is charged with felony child abuse. She climbed out of a second story window of her apartment after police knocked on the front door. She didn't drop the baby, but the child was injured while climbing down.

Police found drugs inside. The baby is in protective child services.


We profiled the man on southern Arizona's most wanted just eight days ago. The 'Manila Bandit' struck again Tuesday morning.

Just after 11 Tuesday morning, the Manila Bandit walked into the U.S. Bank on the east side on Broadway and Prudence.

He gave the teller a plastic bag rather than a manila envelope this time, and demanded money.

This is the fifth bank he's robbed since July, and the fourth since October.


New details on the charges facing the caregiver of the toddler who died near Flagstaff while camping this summer.

Christina Priem is accused of giving drugs to her children and one of their friends during the camping trip.

Two-year-old Sylar Newton was with them when he was reported missing. A relative found him dead weeks later.

Police haven't said what kind of drugs are involved in this case, and she's not charged with giving them to little Sylar.


Another robbery at the Wells Fargo bank on Tangerine Road in Oro Valley. The second one in two weeks.

In this case, late last night a man with a black bandanna covering his face robbed a customer using the ATM. The customer refused to hand over the ATM card and the robber shot at him then ran.

If you know anything about this case call 911 or 88-CRIME.