Ring out your spine and let your light shine

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Spinal twists help to assist feeling your absolute best. In today's segment we learn the art of opening up to bliss! The spine, referred to as the sashumna or the energetic balance integrating the ascending and descending forces within the body, reveals the subtle energy of our bodies. When we support releasing physical waste, we begin to release toxins on every level (mentally, physically and emotionally); we gain a fresh new look at things. A clouded mind becomes clear and after consistent practice of these postures, one will notice better digestion and development of a leaner core. Twists encourage the abdominal organs to do their job more effectively and that means better circulation, brain function, and organ function, which in turn supports deeper sleep. If you are looking to loose a few pounds, a good nights sleep will help your body remain in balance and you'll burn more calories. Starting your day with a bit of vigorous movement, like the sun salutation will assist in keeping the energy balance in the body and helps build more heat, thus providing more digestive power and translates to more energy! Make sure to get nice and warm before moving into these deeper twists. When holding a spinal twist, it's important to breathe into the heart and upper chest use the breath to gauge how deeply one must go. When moving into the spine it's important to keep the ease of the breath steady and allow each slow breath to encourage the movement of the twist. Long inhalations provide space for the inner body to expand and muscles to lengthen, deep exhalations allow one to move more easily into the depth of the twist without straining. Here are a few simple and effective postures you can do to support strong digestive power and powerful spine openers, which aid in releasing the spinal fluid, bringing about a surge of serotonin(the happy feeling) to the brain. After this sequence you will feel both energized, calm and the inner body brightness that continues to shine through from consistent practice. Light up your life and lighten your load. Here are a few twists to give you that extra bit of digestive power to keep you in the flow and your heart a glow. If you are ready to begin an at home practice, or are looking for a great stocking stuffer, visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kaliraytorres. Be well and breathe, every day we open up to the grace that guides us, we bring forth a miracle. Take it slow and let "it" go.  
Parivrtta Uttkatasana (Revolved Fierce Pose): Abdominal muscles and the back are toned, strengthens the organs, helps the liver and spleen to flush out toxins, supports digestion and is recommended to those who suffer from diabetes. Helps for those who suffer from sluggishness.
Parivrttta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Angle Pose): Supports strong digestive powers, leans out the mid section, tones waist and hips.
Padangusthasana (Hand to Foot Pose): Helps those suffering from gastric trouble or bloating. Digestive juices are increased. Note: Those who have slipped discs should only attempt this posture with a concave back position and it is recommended to have an experienced teacher present.