Dispute over diamond earrings

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LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. - Come Christmas or birthdays, people always know what to get Arjelia Perez.

“Shiny stuff, bling. I like all jewelry. I like bracelets, earrings, necklaces,” she said.

December 2009, her boyfriend bought her a pair of $800 earrings from a Peoria store called Ideal Jewelers.

She thought those earrings were pretty but not exactly her style so she exchanged them for hoops.

“He said he could make me the earrings that I wanted from the picture and use the same diamonds from the original earrings,” Arjelia said.

But when she got them:

“They look cheap,” she said. “They don't look worth $800.”

Arjelia says the diamonds are different colors.

One stone even fell out.

The shape of earrings doesn't match and she says she can't even wear them because the clasps don't close.

Arjelia says for $800 dollars, she expected a lot more and has taken the earrings back twice to get them fixed.

“It took him forever. Like, every time I would call him to see if they were done, he would just give us the runaround and stuff and it’s been a whole year,” she said. “If we take it back who knows when I'm gonna get them back again, so I was like I'm gonna call 3 On Your Side.”

3 On Your Side showed the earrings to world-renowned jeweler Alfredo Molina.

He warns consumers, there is no recourse if you buy a piece of jewelry that you wind up not wanting.

“There's nothing at state level or even federal level that governs this industry.

So, if you want to call yourself an appraiser or a gemologist or a jeweler, you can do that without ever having one day of formal training or formal education,” Molina said.

The owner of Ideal Jewelers tells 3 On Your Side this was all a misunderstanding that he had no idea Arjelia still had a problem with the earrings.

None-the-less, after we got involved, the owner wrote her a refund check for $800.

“Thank you so much,” Arjelia said as we handed over the check. “Perfect timing too for Christmas.”

Arjelia plans to use the money to buy Christmas gifts and says she feels relieved that after more than a year, she and her boyfriend can finally put this bad bling dispute behind them.

“It's been awesome,” she said. “You guys have helped just exactly how I thought you guys were going to and I'm really happy. You guys have made me really happy.”