City in real estate battle with Hell's Angels; Mother injures toddler; Flagstaff company tests for 'spice'; Minimum wage increase

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Pima County officials in something of a real estate war with the infamous Hell's Angels. County supervisors will consider making a bid to buy a now-closed restaurant in south Tucson to keep the motorcycle club from setting up a clubhouse.

Instead, the supervisors plan for a farmer's market and community garden to go up on the site. The Arizona Daily Star reports the asking price for the property is about $220,000.


A bizarre ordeal at a Tucson apartment ends with a toddler rushed to the hospital.

The boy's mother climbed down from the second floor balcony with the boy in tow after police knocked on the door.

There were drugs inside.

The mother faces child abuse charges and the child, who suffered minor injuries, will be placed into Child Protective Services.


One of two polar bears at the Reid Park Zoo has died.

On Friday, 11-year-old "Boris" apparently had a bad reaction to anesthesia following a complete physical.

The bear died later that night.

Bears are typically solitary animals, so zoo personnel do not expect the loss to affect the remaining female.

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Bad guys versus bad buys in Florence this weekend.  Pinal County deputies seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana from a car disguised to look just like a police patrol unit.

The Ford Crown Victoria was found abandoned, with the engine still running.  And just feet away, an SUV also abandoned.

Investigators suspect the driver of the fake patrol car may have tried to steal the marijuana from the driver of the SUV.

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A Flagstaff company has developed one of the first tests for synthetic marijuana. Norchem laboratories is one of just five companies nationwide with the test.

Synthetic marijuana, also known as "spice," replicates marijuana's high but can produce effects 10 to 15-times stronger.

The DEA is temporarily banning synthetic marijuana for a year to determine whether it needs to be permanently controlled.


Minimum wage earners in Arizona getting a raise come January 1. The state industrial commission will boost Arizona's minimum wage to $7.35 an hour, a dime more than the federal rate.

People who work for tips also get 10-cent-an-hour increase, to $4.35.


A $95 million jackpot, not a bad Christmas present. The state's newest millionaire came forward late Monday to claim her Powerball jackpot.

Fort Mohave substitute teacher Sheila Verke accepted the over-sized check from state officials in Phoenix.

The 64-year-old played the same Powerball numbers for six years before it finally paid off December 1.

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The Sonoran desert tortoise is one step closer to being named an endangered species. It will take a place on the endangered species act candidate list thanks to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

But it will not receive federal safeguards until its actually listed as endangered or threatened. Over 250 animals currently are listed as candidates.

The tortoise has declined in population more than 51% since the government originally refused to protect it 20 years ago.

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