Push for AZ transplant funding restoration; Arizona below average in health care

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A major push is underway to restore state funding for transplant patients in Arizona.

October cuts to the state medicaid program left nearly 100 people statewide looking for a way to pay for life-saving surgery.

Now democratic state lawmakers want Governor Jan Brewer to call a special session to restore the money or use leftover federal stimulus money.

Governor Brewer insists the state can not afford to maintain the program.


The list of healthiest states is out and Arizona comes in below average. Our state ranks 31st according to the non-profit united health foundation. Arizona's strengths include: a low number of smokers and low rates of cancer and cardiovascular deaths.

The challenges, high rates of uninsured, children in poverty and poor public health funding.

The healthiest state was Vermont. Massachusetts was second, followed by New Hampshire, Connecticut and Hawaii

At the bottom of the list, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arkansas and Louisiana. Mississippi came in last, ranked 50th for the ninth straight year.