Device lets you keep up with the action from stadium seats

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A new device lets you keep up with all of the action at the game from the comfort of your stadium seats.

“I hit a couple of buttons and all of a sudden I'm watching a game across the country and I'm going, 'holy cow,' and my fantasy players -- I'm following them,” Tim Hovik said.

Hovik can't get enough of FanVision, a new hand-held device giving football fans like himself an opportunity to keep up on everything NFL all while watching his Arizona Cardinals live at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

“I have a better angle to watch games when I’m at the stadium than when I'm sitting in my living room with my big screen,” Hovik said.

“Our fan base is really interested in a lot of things,” Arizona Cardinals President Michael Bidwill said. “They like stats, they’re interested in fantasy football, they’re following other games and what we needed to do is make it easier for our fans to do that.”

Bidwill said the Cardinals are one of 12 NFL teams using the device. It comes with 10 channels. Fans can view instant replays from multiple angles, stay on top of the latest stats around the league, watch other games, plus it even tracks their fantasy football team.

“This is a great example of taking technology at the speed of innovation and now you have it in people's hands,” said Brian York with Insight.

The Cardinals turned to the Tempe-based IT solutions company to make sure FanVision got up and running in the stadium.

“What these guys are doing is taking all of the feeds from the network feeds that go out to viewers at home, plus all the alternate camera angles that their video crew is doing,” York said. “They then pull all of that together across all these screens -- the best replay angles, the best audio for that game -- and they'll put that in your hands for you to decide the content that you want to watch.”

This device gives fans the power to personalize their own NFL viewing experience at their fingertips.
“A lot of times now not only the NFL but individual teams are really trying to get fans to come back to the stadium and this is the technology,” said FanVision account manager Kim Birch.

While FanVision is hoping to expand to more teams in the NFL, as well as college football, kids can't get enough of it.
“I just picked it up and tried it out.” Blake Barney said. “It’s pretty cool."

And as for the adults, let's just say they have a new toy to play with.

“It’s kind of like when the Internet came out,” Hovik said. “People were like, 'I wonder what that deal is,' and now it's a part of your life. Five years from now, three years from now, people will come to a game and they won't think about coming to a game without one of these.”

FanVision is selling for $199, but for a limited time. For more information, visit