10 Easy, inexpensive ways to spruce up your home for the holidays

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PHOENIX --If you're looking to spruce up your home before that holiday party -- and who isn't -- Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot has the bext kind of tips. They're easy and they're inexpensive.

1. Update the light fixtures only in the most noticeable places, including the front door light, guest bathroom and/or eating area.

2. Update you switch plates and outlet covers. These are easy, inexpensive, decorative and fun.

3. Freshen up baseboards by caulking and painting or just cleaning really well. Everywhere is best, but for the biggest impact, least cost, do only in the common areas, entry through to the family room, kitchen, guest bath area. Painting in general is the most inexpensive way to redecorate quickly, especially of you stick to holiday specific zones.

4. Add cabinet hardware in the kitchen and guest bath areas; it's like jewelry on the cabinets.

5. Add a new or update an old area rug in the main gathering space; it's like art on the floor.

6. Walkway lighting is always inviting. Solar lights are very easy to install. Even luminaries will do.

7. Plant some holiday-colored flowers in a pot or pots in the front or back. They will last through the winter, way past the holidays, and flowers always make everyone smile.

8. Add a firepit, chiminea, firepots, outdoor heater and/or tiki torches for a warming effect.

9. For a festive effect, change out the front door lights and/or garage coach lights to red and/or green energy efficient light bulbs

10. Use scented candles. Nothing says "Happy holidays!" more than the enticing aroma of apple cinnamon or vanilla throughout the house.