New app helps Tucson fight graffiti

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No matter how hard the city tries to get rid of graffiti, it keeps coming back.  But a new piece of technology may make fighting graffiti a lot easier and a lot less expensive.

It's everywhere, on poles, roofs, walls, even trashcans. Graffiti, it's an ever-growing problem in Tucson.

"Graffitti has increased quite a bit. Police has been involved in trying to catch them," said Lupe Mercado from Graffiti Protective Coatings.

And now there's an app for that, all you have to do is whip out your application, click on graffiti control, follow the steps and describe what you see until you're able to take a photograph.  Then you just snap the shot, send it in, and Graffiti Protective Coatings takes care of the rest.

"Graffiti Protective Coatings receives the information through the internet and they go out and clean up the graffiti," said Councilwoman Regina Romero.  "It changes the way we do business."

Crews show up at the address you sent in after your work order is processed by the city and routed onto the technician's own phone.

"You have accurate infromation thats submitted real time," said Mercado.

Then they get to work and after a few minutes, the wall is good as new.

Council woman regina romero hopes this saves the city time and money.

The City of Tucson spends about $700,000 a year to take care of graffiti," said Councilwoman Mercado. "Almost a million dolllars to take care of graffiti."

The app on the otherhand will cost the city nothing. It was developed free of charge, and it's free to download too.

"If all the entities work together I think we could really minimize it quite a bit," said Mercado

If you want to download the app, head to iTunes and search Tucson.