Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness

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Leading cause of blindness for those age 55 years and older is age related macular degeneration. More people have macular degeneration than Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and breast cancer combined. Typically it's a very slow progression. Often patients don't know they have the disease until one eye has lost significant vision.  

There's a new macalur genetic test.It's as simple as a swab to each cheek. It's sent to lab and results can show how severe the macular degeneration is or if you have it or what treatment needs to be done.  
The test is designed for people over the age 65 that have certain risk factors.They can identify these patients risk factors and create treatment. In order to get the test you must have conditions that require the test. Early detection is the best protection. Wet macular degeneration is the kind that causes the most severe vision loss.It's 10% of macular degeneration but causes 90% vision loss.

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