Oversold items create confusion for Black Friday customers

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GLENDALE - To Joshua Carr, it was a Black Friday deal worth waking up for. Luckily, he didn't have to.

“Thursday night, I was planning on going and waiting in line at Walmart and wait for this deal to come up,” he said.
“Well, I saw it was available online so I decided to just go ahead and purchase it online.”

The deal was on a 55-inch flat screen television.

The price: $873 after tax through Walmart.com.

But hours after confirming his order came an e-mail stating, “Your Walmart.com order has been canceled...due to a supply issue.”

To make matters worse, the $873 remains frozen in his checking account.

“Walmart canceled the order. I lost out on this deal on Walmart.com and yet the money is still pending out of my account,” he said. “That doesn't make much sense to me.”

Turns out, Joshua is one of countless consumers nationwide wondering what's the deal with their Black Friday deal.

Another 3 On Your Side viewer wrote us says he bought a televison through the website, Buy.com, but "nearly 24 hours later myself and everyone else that was given an order confirmation has been canceled by Buy.com. Myself along with hundreds of others are out $300, $600, or more."

Buy.com has taken to its Facebook page to tell customers, in part, "We are looking to obtain a TV for every customer who ordered after we ran out of stock."

“It been frustrating and scary,” Joshua said.

As for Joshua, he isn't waiting on any TV, just his $900 back, and wonders why he was even allowed to purchase an item if it wasn't available in the first place.

“I expect that the money will eventually credit back to my account however, after how many days?” Joshua said. “And how many deals have I missed out on because they reserved the funds?”

In a statement, Buy.com writes:

"Regarding the Panasonic Viera TV deal on Buy.com, we experienced a surge of customers on the page when the deal launched after midnight on Black Friday, and the product page received more than 220,000 page views alone that day. Due to limited inventory and an error with order tracking in our systems caused by the overwhelming demand, some customers received cancellations and were told they would receive a $50 gift card instead. However, we've been working hard to ensure that everyone who actually placed orders will receive the TV.

Buy.com is spending several hundred thousand dollars below our cost, to ensure that each of those customers who still want the TV will receive it. Or if they prefer, they can keep the gift card. We’ve been notifying each customer affected, and their account status should be fully updated by the end of this week. In total, 650 customers have benefited from the original deal.  We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience, and thank our customers for bearing with us."

In a statement, Walmart writes:

“Mr. Carr has received a full refund and a $30 Walmart gift card. He considers the matter to be closed now.”